AirPods Pro update improves sound quality, reduces noise canceling


Have you noticed anything about the AirPods Pro update improves sound quality since mid-December? A new audio test shows that the sound quality has improved, but the noise reduction has deteriorated. A firmware update would have caused this.

Test: AirPods Pro update improves sound quality

Apple released a software update for the AirPods Pro at the end of December . Among other things, this had to ensure a more stable connection, but the software also quietly tunes the sound settings. This quickly generated reactions from users who complained online about a different sound. AirPods Pro sound quality improved

The audio website Rtings decided to do another audio test with the AirPods Pro, to compare the sound before and after the update. This shows that the AirPods Pro isolate the sound ‘a lot less well’. “In particular, lower tones such as a bus or aircraft are less well excluded,” the results of the test say.

Apple therefore seems to have chosen to lower the quality of noise canceling, in order to improve the overall audio quality. That provides an audible improvement for the test, especially if you listen to the accuracy of the bass tones. It will therefore depend on the way you use the earplugs whether this has been a fine or less fine update.

Noise reduction less effective after update

Unfortunately it is not possible to make a choice yourself between these two options. Do you want to check which firmware version your AirPods Pro runs on? Then follow the steps below.

  1. Connect the AirPods 2 or AirPods Pro to your iPhone and go to the Settings app;
  2. Choose ‘General’ and then tap ‘Info’ and ‘AirPods Pro’;
  3. If version number 2C54 is here, the very latest firmware is already installed.

The AirPods Pro were released in 2019 as the first major upgrade of the AirPods. With a new fit, active noise cancellation and better sound quality, these earphones are aimed at the intensive user. You also pay a hundred euros more for the Pro version compared to the regular AirPods . Read more in the extensive AirPods Pro review .


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