“All 2020 iPhones may not support 5G Disables”


After several rumors about a scattered launch, it now appears that all four iPhone 2020 5G will be unveiled simultaneously in September.

Possibly no iPhone 2020 5G support

With a long time to go until the end of this year, sources are tumbling over each other to discover news about the latest iPhones. We already know a lot about the iPhone SE 2 (or iPhone 9) that would appear in March, but the picture is also getting sharper about the devices that will be released in September.

Now the well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via MacRumors ) is making a contribution in this rumor bag with his vision for the launch of these iPhones. He states that Apple will release four iPhones in September, all of which are capable of iPhone 2020 5G.iPhone 2020 5G support

According to Kuo, however, this 5G support will only be available in the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea and the United Kingdom. Apple would disable the 5G feature in all other countries.

The reason for this is not surprising: in countries such as the United States the 5G coverage at the end of the year is probably still too limited to make good use of it. That is why it makes little sense by then to make this feature available.

Also not to activate with update?

That is why it is especially striking what Kuo says next: “Apple might completely abolish this 5G support in these countries to save production costs.” That would mean that a future software update would also make 5G unavailable on these devices.

That would be a shame, because 5G is expected to become the new standard for mobile internet. By coming up with iPhones this year to support this, consumers are prepared for this switch. If Kuo’s statement is correct, then we will still have to buy a brand new iPhone in 2021 or 2022 to be able to use 5G.


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