Tip: Collaborate on projects with Apple apps


With the various Apple apps collaboration on projects is easy, but then you have to know how everything works. Lifestyle Definition explains what you need and how you invite others.

Collaborate with Apple apps

With the various Apple apps that come standard with a new Mac, iPhone or iPad, you can not only work on all kinds of projects yourself, but also collaborate with others. This includes the iWork Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps in combination with iCloud.

Do you have the correct version?

Collaboration is only possible with the newer versions of the different operating systems. So you need at least macOS Mojave and iOS 12 / iPadOS .

Recent versions of the apps are also required. For Pages, Numbers and Keynote on your iPhone or iPad, this is version 5.2 or newer. On macOS it is about Pages 8.2 or newer, Numbers 6.2 or higher and Keynote 9.2 or newer. So make sure you update the apps first!

Do you use a browser to work together? Then you need one of these browsers:

  • Safari 9 or newer
  • Chrome 50 or newer
  • Internet Explorer 11 or newer

First log in to iCloud

To invite people to collaborate in a document via Pages, Numbers or Keynote, you must first log in to iCloud. You do that on your iPhone by going to the settings menu and logging in with your Apple ID. Then tap your name and choose ‘iCloud’ to see if the settings are correct. In this screen, make sure that the sliders on Pages, Numbers, Keynote and iCloud Drive are green.

You can find these settings on macOS by going to the settings menu and choosing ‘Apple ID’. At ‘iCloud’ you choose which apps have access to iCloud.Collaborate with Apple apps

Invite people

To invite people to collaborate, open the document in Pages, Numbers or Keynote and press the Collaboration button. That button consists of a head with a plus. Then share the document with whom you want. It is also possible to use the Share option and then tap ‘Add people’. Then you end up in the same screen.

People you invite can change the document by default. To adjust that, press the Collaboration button again and choose ‘Sharing options’. There you indicate whether invited people can make changes or are only allowed to read. There you also set whether everyone with the correct link in the document can, or only people you specifically invite.

For extra security you set a password. If a document is open on your iPhone, press the three dots at the top right and choose ‘Set password’. On the Mac, go to “Archive> Set Password.” And on iCloud.com for ‘Tools> Set password’.

Tap the Collaboration button to see who is in the document. Then there is a dot next to the name. Tap on that point to see what that person is doing.

Stop collaborating

Do you want everyone to stop editing your document? Then it is of course also possible to stop the collaboration. To do this, tap on the Collaboration button and then on ‘Stop sharing’. The document will then be taken from the other people’s iCloud Drive.

Limitations for collaboration

There are some limitations to working with others. We list the most important restrictions:

  • A document may not be larger than 2 GB for others to change;
  • Pictures and videos may not be larger than 50MB;
  • Changing many overarching document settings is not possible, such as page numbers or footnote settings;
  • You cannot change the slide size or theme in Keynote;
  • Adding or removing a soundtrack in Keynote is not possible;
  • Changing vertical text on iCloud.com is not possible.

Share your calendar

Do you want to approach the collaboration in a more structured way? Lifestyle Definition explains how you share your agenda with others in six steps . 


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