Patent: Apple Pencil may have touch-sensitive sides to zoom in


Zoom in on your sketch while designing without touching your screen. Or choose a new brush by just swiping the side of your Apple Pencil. A new patent shows how Apple’s stylus can become more user-friendly.

‘New Apple Pencil gets touchscreen’

The document was discovered by Patently Apple . The patent describes two new techniques, which may be intended for the Apple Pencil 3 . Both new functions use a housing that is (partially) touch sensitive. You could compare the techniques with a touchscreen, but not from glass.New Apple Pencil gets touchscreen'

The touch-sensitive sides are in fact incorporated in the housing, so that the design of the new Apple Pencil remains intact. First, you could use the “touch screens” for swipe movements. Quickly swipe your finger from top to bottom to change brush, color or shape while designing.

The patent also shows that Apple is considering giving the Pencil 3 a kind of zoom option. Now you still have to zoom in or out on your illustration via the iPad screen, but later that might be possible with just your Pencil. It works simply: simply swipe your finger quickly over the housing to get the image closer, or to zoom out.

User-friendly Apple Pencil

Thanks to the two techniques, you don’t have to touch the iPad screen as much during design. That’s nice, because you probably don’t have your fingers close to the display. If you still want to change the drawing tool or scale, you must interrupt the work. Working with the Apple Pencil would therefore become user-friendly by giving the stylus more options.User-friendly Apple Pencil

But don’t get too excited. After all, it is a patent, and Apple submits hundreds of them every week. These documents ensure that competitors do not get involved with inventions. Yet patents do say something about the course that Apple is going to sail in the future. Recently, more and more Apple Pencil patents are popping up, so the next version could easily get a lot of new features.


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