Five new iPhones in 2020: differences and similarities at a glance


After three iPhones in 2018 and 2019, Apple would release no less than Five new iPhones in 2020. But how do these iPhones differ? Time for an overview.

Five new iPhones in 2020, these are them

If you are looking for a new iPhone this year, there is at least enough to choose from. The iPhone SE 2 first appears in March, but that is not all. According to multiple sources, Apple will release four iPhones in September. We will take them through here one by one.iPhone SE 2020

1. iPhone SE 2: 4.7 inch LCD screen: a camera

The iPhone SE 2 appears to be reported in March, so much is already known about this new entry-level model. The device would get the design of the iPhone 8 , with a 4.7 inch screen and some camera lenses on the back. The device supports wireless charging and runs on Apple’s A13 chip, which makes it as fast as last year’s iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.iPhone SE 2

The big question is the price tag that Apple hangs on this iPhone. With the older design and LCD screen, Apple clearly wants to keep the price as low as possible. Certainly in view of the other iPhones that appear again a few months later, we expect a relatively low price between 300 and 400 euros.

2. iPhone 2020: 6.1 inch oled: two cameras

Apple is said to be releasing four iPhones in September, all of which will get a new design. This would be most reminiscent of that of the iPhone 4, with a metal frame and harder flat edges.

This model is the successor to the iPhone 11 , with a screen that has the same size and the same dual camera lens on the back. The big difference is that Apple replaces the LCD screen with a better OLED display. This improves the image quality and ensures better color reproduction and deeper blacks.iPhone 2020

The device will run on the new A14 chip and will be available in various bright colors. As a successor to the iPhone 11 and with two cameras, we expect a similar starting price of around 900 euros.

3. iPhone 2020: 6.1 inch oled: three cameras

The improved triple camera lens is the banner of the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max; not so strange that we will see it again this year. This device is the successor to the iPhone 11 Pro, which strikingly gets a larger screen of 6.1 inches compared to the 5.8-inch display that the 11 Pro now has.Five new iPhones in 2020

That means that the device is slightly larger, but due to the narrower screen edges, it will probably be slightly smaller than the iPhone 11. This iPhone will also get the new iPhone 4-like design, which will already make for a different face anyway. It is not yet clear whether this device will also display the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.

4. iPhone 2020: 5.4 inch oled: two cameras

A remarkable case is this iPhone. After the smaller iPhone SE 2, a smaller device will appear this fall. This has a 5.4 inch screen, which makes it slightly smaller than the iPhone 11 Pro.Five new iPhones in 2020

With the OLED screen, the dual camera and A14 chip, this iPhone will undoubtedly become a lot more expensive than the iPhone SE 2. With that, Apple seems to want to respond to the people looking for a somewhat smaller device, which is just there looks modern with a screen that fills the front.

5. iPhone 2020: 6.7 inch and OLED: three cameras

The iPhone XS Max and iPhone 11 Pro Max were with their 6.5-inch screen, the largest iPhones ever, but Apple does in 2020 even further. This new ‘Max’ version, just like the successor to the iPhone 11 Pro, is a bit bigger. Whether that is because the notch at the top of the screen disappears, we do not know yet.

The device would in any case have three cameras on the back. And if the successor to the 11 Pro receives an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, we can assume that this also applies to this iPhone.

In the coming weeks and months we will learn a lot more about these five 2020 iPhones. On iPhoned we will of course keep you informed of the latest news. You can do this via our website, with the iPhone app or by registering for our weekly and / or daily newsletter .


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