IKEA GUNNARP: Now also control your bathroom lamps with Siri


IKEA GUNNARP has announced new smart ceiling lights. These are primarily intended for the bathroom and can withstand moisture.


IKEA has already announced the smart GUNNARP ceiling lamps earlier, but from today they can be purchased both online and in stores. GUNNARP, as the lamps are called, are available in a round  and square version of 40 centimeters.

The lamps can be controlled via the IKEA Home smart system. There are four ways to operate the smart lamps (and other smart devices from IKEA). For example, you can switch the lights on or off or dim them with a physical remote control. In addition, the devices support HomeKit , so you can also operate the lights with your voice.IKEA GUNNARP

The lamps can also be operated with a sensor or the special IKEA Home smart app. In this application you control all smart IKEA products, such as speakers, blinds, sockets or lamps. For example, set a timer: in the morning when you get up the lamp goes on in the bathroom, and after half an hour it goes out again. This way you will never forget to switch off your lamp.

Moisture proof and LED

Both lamps have the so-called IP44 label, which means that they are moisture-resistant and therefore perfect for the bathroom. There are LED lights, where you can choose warm, warm white or cold white light.

Soon it will also be possible to set up scenes via the app, so that you can control different devices in one go to create the desired scene. It is important that you have an IKEA connection hub. You cannot use the smart lights without this connection hub. You connect the hub to your router, after which you can control all smart lighting from IKEA.

Other smart home products from IKEA

IKEA is busy expanding the range of smart home products, such as the smart roller blindsrecently released with support for Apple HomeKit. You also have smart speakers and sockets from IKEA. Work is also underway on a user-friendly smart home experience.


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