Rumor: Apple is working on iPad with higher 5G speed


Apple is currently working on the first iPad with higher 5G speed, according to a questionable source. The tablet would get a version of the new internet standard that excels particularly in densely populated areas.

“Apple works on iPad with higher 5G speed”

The rumor comes from DigiTimes , which claims to have spoken with a source in Apple’s production chain . According to the Taiwanese website, the iPhone maker is using Advanced Semiconductor Engineering. The as yet unknown iPad will receive mmWave technology according to DigiTimes.

This form of 5G is particularly useful in densely populated areas such as cities. This part excels in speed at short distances. Unfortunately, the Taiwanese do not make clear what kind of iPad the technology will get. We are also not wiser about a release date.

However, it is almost certain that this is a new iPad Pro . Usually the most expensive version gets new functions first. In addition, users of these tablets place higher demands on products. It is therefore illogical that, for example, the iPad Air would be equipped directly with mmWave.

IPhones usually get new functions rather than iPads. It is therefore crazy at first glance that Apple would not follow this policy now. However, the same situation occurred in 2012. In March of that year, the third generation iPad with lte was released, while the iPhone 5 did not follow until September. The iPad may therefore also be the first to receive 5G.

Apple and 5G

It is by no means the first time that Apple is apparently using 5G. At the start of last year, for example, it was speculated that the first 5G iPhone had been delayed and would not appearuntil 2021 . Other sources claim that the next generation, the 2020 iPhone, already has the new internet speed. Apple would also like to launch 5G MacBooks in the second half of this year .


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