iPhone SE 2 in 2020: 10 expectations for Apple’s new budget iPhone


This year it really seems to be happening: the iPhone SE gets a successor. We already know this about Apple’s new entry-level model: the iPhone SE 2 in 2020 .

iPhone SE 2020 expectations

We have been waiting for years: a new iPhone SE. The budget device was a popular choice for years, but has since disappeared from Apple’s stores. Nevertheless, there is hope: after years of rumors, the company would launch the iPhone SE 2 in early 2020. We already know this about it.

1. Name may become iPhone 9

In December a remarkable rumor surfaced about the name of the successor to the iPhone SE. According to a reliable source, the new budget model would not be called the iPhone SE 2, but the iPhone 9. The usually reliable Japanese website MacOtakara claims to have spoken to a person in the Apple production chain , who claims that Apple does not want the SE line carry on.Name may become iPhone 9

This rumor is remarkable because on the one hand it comes from a reliable source, but on the other it seems an illogical step. The company has already ‘skipped’ the iPhone 9 by releasing the iPhone X in 2017 after the iPhone 8. However, it could be that Apple deliberately skipped the iPhone 9 because this entry-level model was still in the pipeline.

In addition, it seems that the iPhone 9 looks exactly the same as the iPhone 8, making the name “iPhone 9” makes more sense, because it is a direct successor to this device.

2. iPhone 8 design

The iPhone SE 2 no longer looks like the iPhone 5S. Apple would use the design of the iPhone 8 for this new entry-level model. That means that the device gets a 4.7 inch LCD screen and thick screen edges on the top and bottom.

So don’t expect a front-filling display like the iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone XR . The recently leaked renders of the iPhone SE 2 also show that the design of the smartphone is very similar to that of the iPhone 8.

3. 4.7 inch screen from LG

According to rumors, LG produces the screen of the iPhone SE 2. LG has made screens for iPhones on several occasions, so it would be no surprise that the 4.7-inch LCD screen of the SE 2 will soon be rolling out of these factories. The device therefore has a larger screen than the first SE, which was a lot more handy due to the 4-inch display.4.7 inch screen from LG

4. Glass back for wireless charging

Because the SE 2 looks so much like the iPhone 8, this also means that the device gets a glass back. Good news, this allows you to charge the device wirelessly.

All iPhones that support this can be placed on a Qi charger to refill the battery without a cable. Of course there will also be a physical charging port in the form of a Lightning connection. Reportedly, the iPhone SE 2 is exactly the same size as the iPhone 8, but a fraction thicker. As a result, a larger battery will also fit in, which may increase the battery life considerably.

5. No headphone connection, but possible water resistance

A disadvantage of the iPhone 8 design is that the iPhone SE 2, unlike the original SE, no longer has a traditional headphone connection. Since the iPhone 7, Apple has deleted this port and you will need to use a Lightning adapter or wireless headphones (such as AirPods) to listen to music with this iPhone. That will be no different with the SE 2.possible water resistance

Possibly there is an advantage to this, because manufacturers normally do this to increase the water resistance of a device. So it could only be that you can also use the iPhone SE 2 in a rain shower or during exercise.

6. A13 chip

According to the latest rumors, the new iPhone SE runs on the A13 chip from Apple and that is quite special. This is the latest processor from the company, which is also included in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro . If this rumor is correct, it means that the SE 2 has excellent performance and can go on for years with the latest apps and games. The chip is also a lot more energy efficient, which will undoubtedly benefit the battery life.

7. Touch ID instead of Face ID

Because the device has the design of the iPhone 8, this also means that the Face ID camera is not present in the iPhone SE 2. Instead, you simply use the tip of your finger again and the home button with Touch ID to connect the iPhone unlock, make payments with Apple Pay or log in to apps.

8. Targeted to iPhone 6 owners with lower price

With all the rumors we discussed above, it is clear that Apple wants to keep the costs low for the iPhone SE 2. That is of course not surprising: otherwise the device would end up in the same water as the iPhone 11, which in turn cheaper version of the iPhone 11 Pro.

The iPhone SE 2 is therefore clearly aimed at the target group that now has an iPhone 6 or older, and is looking for an affordable way to get a new iPhone.

According to the reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the new entry-level model of 64GB memory will cost 399 dollars, so converted to around 460 euros. That is relatively a low price for a new iPhone. Apple clearly wants to keep the costs of producing the budget model as low as possible.

This is also the reason that the design looks like the iPhone 8 and does not get a front-filling screen. The first iPhone SE cost 489 euros for the entry-level model during release. The 64GB version sold for 589 euros. It is unclear what the price for the device with 128GB of memory will be, but the chances are that it will remain roughly the same.

9. Single camera on the back

Because Apple wants to keep the price as low as possible, the camera is also cut. This means that a wide-angle or telephoto lens is probably missing and only a single camera can be found on the back. The device is therefore a lot less versatile than the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, but you also notice that at the price. The Cupertino company does, however, ensure that the new camera software will considerably improve the photos.

10. Release at the start of 2020

The latest rumors agree that Apple will release the iPhone SE 2 at the start of 2020. Rumor has it that Apple wants to release the iPhone SE 2 in March, which means that mass production would start this month. The company usually organizes its first keynote of the year in March, so we are guessing we will see the device there. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also claims that the new device will be in stores from March 2020.

Keep an eye on iPhoned until then , because in the run-up to the release we will undoubtedly hear much more about it. Download our iPhone app or subscribe to the newsletter and stay informed.


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