OnePlus presents 120Hz OLED screen for OnePlus 8 (Pro)


OnePlus presented their new display technology at a special event. The screen, most probably intended for the OnePlus 8 (Pro), has a very high refresh rate of OnePlus 120Hz OLED screen.

OnePlus 120Hz OLED screen with 2K resolution

At the event held in Shenzhen, China, to talk about the OLED screen, OnePlus revealed a lot of details about their new smartphone display. As expected, it is an OLED screen with 2K resolution . The refresh rate is particularly striking: 120Hz is the highest available so far.OnePlus 120Hz OLED screen with 2K resolution

Such a high refresh rate ensures that images are refreshed 120 times per second, which ensures very smooth movements. Currently, most smartphone screens have a refresh rate of 60Hz. Some high-end smartphones, such as the OnePlus 7 Pro and Google Pixel 4 XL , already have 90Hz screens. Until recently, a 120Hz screen was reserved for special gaming smartphones such as the Asus ROG Phone 2 and Razer Phone 2 . The rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S20 is equipped with a 120Hz panel.

In addition to the refresh rate of the images, the new refresh rate of the input also stands out with the new OnePlus screen. With 240Hz this is a lot higher, which means that the screen responds particularly quickly to touch.

Smooth movements, natural-looking colors

The OnePlus screen can further adjust the brightness in 4096 small steps, which should always guarantee exactly the right brightness. The company also claims a ‘Just Noticeable Color Difference’ (JNCD) of less than 0.8. This means that colors are displayed very faithfully.

In addition, the screen uses MEMC (motion enhancement, motion compensation), a technology that can be found in many TVs to make movements run more smoothly and to prevent motion blur. OnePlus showed an image of an open-worked telephone, on which a special MEMC chip can be seen. It is not clear which device is involved. It is striking that the image also shows a mechanism for an extendable camera.


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